Meet The Cynical Imp

Your Workers have formed the National Union of Dungeon Excavators. Their leader, The Cynical Imp, is unhappy to say the least about your slap-heavy working conditions and uncharitable procedures, and has come out of retirement to head this campaign. Here is a helpful broadcast, which he prepared earlier:

A Worthy Cause

Our chosen charity is GamesAid, who will receive 100% of all Brightrock Games proceeds. GamesAid is a UK based charity (Registered UK Charity # 1081706) which acts as a collective for charitable activity on behalf of the games industry in the UK. Its goal is to support a number of smaller charities that help disadvantaged and disabled children and young people.

Rewarding Charity

The Cynical Imp has raided our hidden vaults, and from these secret compartments has drawn forth two of our most requested Dungeon Themes to aid his cause. For the first time since our Kickstarter campaign you can now acquire the exclusive Kickstarter and Founders Themes, all in the name of charity!

Donate above certain thresholds and you will be entitled to one or both of these outstanding Themes, as well as The Cynical Imp himself, who will then hit the campaign trail across all non-Campaign game modes! Check out the full range of rewards below.

The Cynical Imp

A Worker skin of the utmost integrity for you to use in place of your normal Workers in all non-campaign modes.

Kickstarter Bundle

Souls do not rest easy in the depths of Kairos, and the Underlord Draven knows this all too well. Claim his Theme and join those select few with access to this grim effigy to the fallen. Includes Kickstarter Worker skin.

Founders Bundle

Inscribed with the names of dozens of powerful Underlords, this Theme has only been awarded to a small collection of our most valued backers. Now you too can join their despicable ranks. Includes Founders Worker skin.

Support Charity and Claim your Rewards

You can purchase one of three bundles, each offering one more reward than the last. Regardless of your choice, 100% of all Brightrock Games proceeds from these sales will go to GamesAid.




Available on Steam

You can buy any of the above DLC directly from Steam here.